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Healthcare / Pharma

Security Auditing | Security Consulting | Data Protection | Project Management | Cybersecurity | Interoperability | Monitoring | Alarmistic | Access Control | Pseudoanonimization


Central Administration / University Education

Data Protection | Data Traceability | Security Consulting | Security Auditing | Digital Sign


Industry / ICT Sector

Data Traceability | Security Consulting | Security Auditing | Middleware for Citizen Card and Physician’s Order Membership | Interoperability | Monitoring | Alarmistic




Our solution aims to create a single audit trail for health institutions that collects different logs (ex: syslog, log4j, HL7, web servers logs). This solution is aligned with the IHE-ATNA (Audit Trail and Node Authentication) profile. It allows to perform audit processes that cross different systems in an integrated manner, as well as to diagnose problem occuring in different systems using a single dashboard.

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HS.HELIOS is an integration system that promotes interoperability, by regulating and analyzing the exchange of messages between different health information systems that are currently deployed at an Health institution. It is used for database semantic integrity checking and monitoring data quality in realtime.

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Access control and digital signature mechanisms through smart cards, RFID technologies, QR-Codes and Yubicos. Our solutions include:

  • QRSmartAuth – authentication mechanism based in QR Codes
  • YubiSmartAuth – Yubikeys to authenticate in web applications
  • WebSmartSign – Java Cryptographic Provider Web and collection of qualified attributes eID smartcard

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SLA (Service-level agreement) monitoring and assessment. Monitoring of performance of server and network. Health data quality monitoring.

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Pseudo-anonymization algorithms and auditing. Privacy impact assessment. Experts in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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The GDPR will be enforced from 25 May 2018. It’s soon before European organizations, which process the personal data of EU residents, to ensure that they are compliant.

The GDPR is more extensive in scope and application than the current Data Protection Act (DPA), keeping pace with the evolution of the digital world. The new Regulation strengthens the data rights of individuals, and demands organizations to build up clear policies and procedures to protect personal data, and apply appropriate technical and organizational measures.

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R & D

Throughout its existence HealthySystems has developed several research projects in the area of security and interoperability. With these projects HealthySystems won several national and international awards.

The relevance of R&D activities led to the creation of an R & D core in 2015, whose projects have been certified by ANI, IAPMEI and FCT under the Corporate R&D Tax Incentive System.

DiAS – De-identification as a Service

Ongoing project

DiAS – De-identification as a Service

Recently it was approved by Norte2020 program the project of Research and Technological Development under the acronym “DiAS – De-identification as a Service” that will aim at the development of a platform of data anonymization as a service.

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Demonstrator HS.HELIOS

Ongoing project

HS.HELIOS Integrator for communication and data portability in Health

To implement and evolve HS.HELIOS solution in real context of use in health care institutions, regarding to ensuring a better alignment with the General Regulation on Data Protection.

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Demonstrator HS.REGISTER

Ongoing project

Centralized log repository for traceability in Health

To implement and evolve HS.REGISTER solution in real context of use in health care institutions, regarding to ensuring a better alignment with the General Regulation on Data Protection.

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Scientific Articles

Publications (2016-2020)

Scientific Articles

Publications (2016-2020)

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Master Degree Dissertations

Master Degree Dissertations


Master Degree

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Grow with innovation

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in terms of Research and Development.

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HealthySystems & Glintt


HealthySystems and Glintt
Together to integrate more and better in Digital Health.

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Who we are

HLTSYS has Luis Filipe Antunes, Manuel Eduardo Correia and Ricardo Correia as cofounders.

Currently HTLSYS counts 12 professionals with expertise in several computer areas as Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Health Information Systems Integration (2 Mirth Certified Professionals), National Standards Body (3 IPQ members).

Meet our customers requirements is our main objective, to improve our team expertise we continually invest in team certification.

Some of our team members are certified in ISO 27001 Foundation, Mirth Connect and ISO 9001:2015.

Furthermore some of our team members integrate and collaborate with national standards body (IPQ – CT199 Health Informatics group).


We are a spin-off company from University of Porto who focuses on cybersecurity, security technologies, security auditing, performance consulting and data protection laws.


Award – 2nd place of the Grow Innovation Award 2018

On November 29, HealthySystems was awarded the 2nd place of the Grow Innovation Award 2018 sponsored by the Amélia de Mello Foundation. This award recognizes the potential of the company as an entrepreneurial startup, as [...]

Award – HL7 FHIR® DataThon at VITALIS & MIE2018

HL7 FHIR® DataThon na VITALIS & MIE2018 – Duarte Ferreira and João Almeida Researchers from the CINTESIS NanoStima project and HealthySystems collaborators won the HL7 FHIR® DataThon at VITALIS & MIE2018 (Sweden) with its SARD [...]