HS.HELIOS Demonstrator

HealthySystems is the leader promoter of the project nr 34017, in copromotion with Health Technology and Services Investigation Centre (Cintesis), which comprehend the implementation of HS.HELIOS integration’s BUS, enabling interoperability and integrations’ centralization between different Health Information Systems (HIS).

Its end users from North Region – Centro Hospitalar Entre Douro e Vouga, E.P.E (CHEDV) and from Centre Region – Centro Hospitalar Tondela Viseu, E.P.E (CHTV), will validate the most recent developments of HS.HELIOS integrator, in line with the compliance of GDPR legal obligations and contribute for the impact analysis study of this solution to obtain health gains.

Demonstrator HS.HELIOS

HS.HELIOS Integrator for communication and data portability in Health

Ongoing project

To implement and evolve HS.HELIOS solution in real context of use in health care institutions, regarding to ensuring a better alignment with the General Regulation on Data Protection.

Newsletter Demonstrator HS.HELIOS

Newsletter Demonstrator HS.HELIOS


Integrator HS.HELIOS for Health Traceability

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Beneficiary Entities / Promotors

  • Promoter leader: HLTSYS- HealthySystems, Lda
  • Investigation copromoter: Health Technology and Services Investigation Centre (CINTESIS)
  • End users

    North Region Copromoter: Centro Hospitalar Entre Douro e Vouga, E.P.E. (CHEDV)

    Centre Region Copromoter: Centro Hospitalar Tondela Viseu, E.P.E. (CHTV)


  • To implement in real context of use the solution HS.HELIOS V1 and its evolution to V2;
  • To conduct an impact analysis study of the implementation of HS.HELIOS;
  • To implement the dashboards’ module in HS.HELIOS with the purpose of monitoring the traceability of the information, in line with compliance with the legal obligations of the RGDP.