HS.TOTHEM is an innovative and secure reference technology for Web applications for single-sign-on and complex access control policies, including user’s settings of the level and type of authentication to access critical resources. This digital signature and authentication system can be very easily incorporated into existing solutions, allowing to maintain existing implementations of the various Information Systems installed at institutions. Allows single or combination factors (factor 2 or factor 3) the following authentication methods: Login / Password; Smartcard (Citizen Card and Professional Order Cards, such as the Order of Physicians Card); X509 certificates; USB tokens (such as yubikeys, U2F tokens); NFC Cards (Mifare) and QR Codes.

HS.TOTHEM aims to enable health institutions with a system that allows:


The implementation of this authentication management and control system besides to fulfill the technical obligations of GDPR, information security and information services also aims to fulfill the following macro objectives:


HS.TOTHEM has been developed with innovative Technology thus ensuring compatibility with various protocols (ex. OpenID Connect, SAML, LDAP), high service availability and high performance.


HS.TOTHEM authentication portal enables users, profiles, authorizations and authentications to be managed. It consists of a Tomcat application server and a MySQL database. It contains an integrated HTTP / HTTPS proxy that controls all access to REST applications. HS.TOTHEM authentication portal is installed on a machine running CentOS 7 operating system and its components can be managed using the Systemclt tool that manages the services in Linux distribution.




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