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HS.REGISTER is a technology that creates a single audit log for organizations by aggregating different events that generate logs (AD events, syslog, log4j, web server logs, REST, SOAP and HL7 communications, etc.). Our solution allows for the auditing of complex processes, crossing different systems in an integrated way, as well as diagnosing complex problems using a simple web application. HS.REGISTER is also specially designed to  assist organizations on the GDPR compliance overall process.



In a business environment where Information Systems (IS) are critical tools supporting complex business activities, any malfunction can cause more than simple delays. Information systems are also becoming ever more specialized, leading to a high proliferation of many different applications that need to interoperate in an efficient way. A high degree of interoperability combined with a diversity of applications, and service providers, makes it increasingly difficult to find the root cause of problems that can affect one or more applications, since this may be the result of errors with diverse origins. In integration, a problem in the supporting infrastructure or even a software update, etc. A comprehensive traditional analysis of the root cause of a complex problem, involving for example log systems can take hours or even days, even with help of the various system suppliers responsible for each one of the deployed application.

With the sheer number of applications in business environments, it is not easy to keep actionable tracking of detailed activity within systems, “Is the person who logged into the workstation the same person who logged into another application at that workstation?” With an increase in the awareness of the professionals about the importance of computer security and the sensitivity of the data maintained by organizational information systems, there is an increase for the need to have auditing systems capable of managing in an integrated way the traceability of the various actors’ actions within the organization business processes.

HS.REGISTER aims to empower the institutions with a system that:

  • Facilitates compliance with the rules defined in the GDPR (European Data Protection General Regulations).
  • Is compliant with ATNA (Audit Trail and Node Authentication) for the health scope.


HS.REGISTER is an audit log repository, specially optimized for traceability and non-repudiation within the organizations. Its main aim is to maintain a centralized and normalized register of all events considered relevant for overall security policies and business processes compliancy of operations within the organization’s information systems.

HS.REGISTER thus presents itself as a way of performing complex correlation analysis of many different events in environments with high application heterogeneity. This allows the centralization and subsequent analysis of different types of events, such as:

  • Authentication processes (workstations and applications) and Access Control events, including the access to different applications sessions within the same workstation session;
  • Errors and logs of various services and systems;
  • Webservices (SOAP and REST) and HL7 messages exchanged between different systems;
  • Actionable logs of services infrastructures, such as databases, application servers (Glassfish, TomCat) and file systems sharing.


Once they are collected and normalized by HS.REGISTER, these events can be later analyzed over time and indexed by employee, client/patient, workstation IP address, department, among others. This repository can also be used as a source of data for business process alarmistics and monitoring dashboard systems, making the system administration response to incidents faster and much more efficient, by anticipating in real time, users’ awareness of operational problems.


  • Compliance with legal obligations related to information traceability and non-repudiation within an organization. In particular, respond effectively to the audit needs of processes that deal with personal data, as a way to be compliant with GDPR’s legal requirements.
  • A faster and more complete interface to give effective 1st line computer support.
  • Production of solid and relevant data for provider’s support levels (SLA) control
  • Integrated and normalized exploitation of relevant events from multiple sources of heterogeneous IT platforms.
  • Consistent temporal information assurance for easier correlation and contextualization of auditing processes.


HS.REGISTER is easily adaptable to several environments with different configurations. They range from smaller institutions that require little resources and manage modest amounts of data to the most demanding needs of large institutions. The latter, with thousands of users, and requiring more complex installations with configurations of clusters in a high availability regime, capable of receiving and managing in a short time millions of correlated events.