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HS.ATLAS is a SLA (service level agreement) monitoring and evaluating system. It monitors and evaluates the computers and network’s performance, as well as the data quality. HS.ATLAS verifies the hosts and the services that are specified and notifies when problems occur and are solved. The systems to be monitored can be almost any connected device in a network.


In a business environment where critical information systems (IS) coexist, an improper operation of these systems can seriously affect the functioning of the institution. These problems inevitably result in degradation of the service provided, problems in the internal functioning of the institution and losses of many kinds that sometimes are difficult to quantify.

When these problems occur, it’s necessary to evaluate and find the source of the problems so we can solve them, however this task can take much time depending on the IT infrastructure within the organization. In institutions with an extensive and heterogeneous computer equipment, it is necessary to have procedures that reduce the time of response to problems and indicate their source quickly and effectively, thus reducing the downtime of the services provided by the affected systems.

In order to reduce the time to evaluate problems, and by providing a preventive way to mitigate problems, HS.ATLAS, due to its flexibility of configuration, allows to monitor the different systems and equipment of the institution, providing it with a tool that, besides informing in real time the problems that occur in the institution, allows to observe the systems preventing eventual service breaks.


HS.ATLAS monitoring solution aims to provide a highly customizable tool for monitoring and preventing problems both in the IS and in the equipment of networks and other equipment connected in the network of the institution.

Thus, the institution can monitor the entire computer infrastructure receiving alerts based on customizable metrics in order to intervene in systems that are with degraded service preventing total or partial breaks in the availability of it.

The monitoring of these services ranges from CPU, memory and disk space utilization sensors, to the bandwidth used by each switch port. HS.ATLAS monitoring system has a greatly reduced fingerprint on the systems where it is installed for monitoring, as well as on the bandwidth used or, if this solution is not possible or recommended, it can be configured to use other channels for monitoring of target systems, such as SNMP.

HS.ATLAS solution also provides a simple and intuitive web graphic interface that allows one to quickly see where problems are, so they can be addressed faster and reduce their response.


  • Centralization of integrations between various Information Systems;
  • High availability of the data integration platform;
  • Real-time monitoring of hospital’s network traffic;
  • Production of data to control supplier support levels;
  • Launches actionable alerts on business data quality and accuracy.


HS.ATLAS’s architecture is quite flexible and adaptable. For smaller infrastructure, this can be made available only on a server that can accommodate all metrics taken from the institution’s systems. It can also be installed in a high availability architecture, with all its components distributed by several servers and even different geographical locations in the case of large institutions with highly complex infrastructures.


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