DiAS – De-identification as a Service

DiAS is an innovative project in the pseudo-anonymization area that consists of the a web platform development, which provides the service of data de-identification, ensuring compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation and leveraging the market for large volumes of data.

This platform aims to support customers in the privacy-driven data management cycle, enabling them to exploit the full large volumes of data’s potential, using the latest anonymization techniques and thus promoting the rapid implementation of controls in order to ensure privacy by default.

DiAS - De-identification as a Service

DiAS .: De-identification as a Service

Closed project

Recently it was approved by Norte2020 program the project of Research and Technological Development under the acronym “DiAS – De-identification as a Service” that will aim at the development of a platform of data anonymization as a service.


  • Development of a de-identification platform as a service;
  • Solve the problem of confidentiality of large volumes of personal data;
  • Use more recent knowledge of pseudo-anonymization to avoid individual re-identification;
  • Maintain the usefulness of the data for the purpose of relevant informational and statistical treatment.