Oporto, June 18th, 2015 – the IRA (Integration Router & Audit), a software solution developed to support clinical management and integration, won the CIO Awards last June 17th. The software is already in use at IPO Porto, and it allows real time monitoring of information production and data exchange.across departments.

The ease of integration of IRA with the existent monitoring solutions already in use in organizations, allows the creation of alert mechanisms used by health institutions’ managers to visualize production indicators, and by IT departments to assess communication failures between systems.

This tool is flexible, replicable, light, and transparent to every institutions’ informatic structure, preventing the impact on the performance of pre existing information systems. This software offers new data sources for business intelligence solutions, plus it feeds central digital archives, combines data from different systems, builds caches with demographic data and visiting information, and generates data bases that can be controlled by the institutions themselves. The IRA runs on the fact that most health institutions use HL7 (Health Level 7), an international communication standard for health information systems, making hospital management and IT management much easier.

The software was developed by HealthySystems (www.hltsys.pt),a UPTEC (Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Universidade do Porto) spin-off. IRA is already being used by IPO Porto since February 2014. It gives the hospital a better understanding and control over the information produced and exchanged between central and departmental systems. Winning the CIO Awards is a validation of IRA’s quality and potential, and the recognition of its value by an organ of excellence such as IDC, said Ricardo Correia, one of the main representatives of HealthySystems, who is also a professor at FMUP and a CINTESIS researcher.

CIO Summit Portugal is a conference organized by IDC Portugal, which intends to share and divulge projects and other initiatives on information and communication technologies capable of creating value for organizations.